The Ops Playbook for Your Agency

Learn how to build a streamlined agency so you're more profitable and more free than ever before.


We exist to help you avoid burnout, do more of what you love, and prevent your agency from becoming a failure statistic.

What's inside the course:

When, Why, & How

Uncover your operational priorities and survey your options.

Ops Playbook

A tour of the proven Ops Rescue system for designing your ops.

Assessments & Resources

Tools and examples to get you started quickly.

Does this sound like your agency?

You feel like you have to micromanage every project to avoid unhappy clients (or fixing it later).
You're tired of growth bringing more hassle instead of more freedom.
You spend more time putting out fires than doing the important work of building your dream business.
You're ready to create a simple, reliable system for managing your business workflow.
You've ever thought to yourself, "having someone else run the day-to-day is impossible."
You've hit the capacity (or sanity) ceiling and can't figure out how to level up your business.

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Ian Crafford

Your Agency Ops Mentor

When I started a web-development and digital marketing agency in 2007, things were pretty straightforward. A lot has changed for independent firms in the marketing, creative, and digital space since then...

The craft has become more complex, the competition more intense, and the clients less discerning.

Like most agency owners, you probably started your agency for love of the work and to enjoy the creative freedom of owning your own business. Then, as you added new clients and new team members to serve them, you encountered an entirely different challenge: the realities of running and scaling your business without losing your sanity.

I know the stress and frustration of running an agency without solid processes and reliable people. That's why business operations has been a focus for me for the last 10+ years. And during that time, I’ve founded several companies, two non-profits, and advised dozens of other high growth early stage companies in leadership roles.

Whether your goal is to grow and exit or you simply want more freedom, focus, and peace in your work, we're here to support you.

Founder, Ops Rescue

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