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Boost Growth & End Burnout

When I started a web-development and digital marketing agency in 2007, things were pretty straightforward. A lot has changed for independent firms in the marketing, creative, and digital space since then...

The craft has become more complex, the competition more intense, and the clients less discerning.

Like most agency owners, you probably started your agency for love of the work and to enjoy the creative freedom of owning your own business. Then, as you added new clients and new team members to serve them, you encountered an entirely different challenge: the realities of running and scaling your business without losing your sanity.

I know the stress and frustration of running an agency without solid processes and reliable people. That's why business operations has been a focus for me for the last 10+ years. And during that time, I’ve founded several companies, two non-profits, and advised dozens of other high growth early stage companies in leadership roles.

Whether your goal is to grow and exit or you simply want more freedom, focus, and peace in your work, we're here to support you.

Founder, Ops Rescue

Do more of what you love.

The Ops Rescue Program

Comprehensive Roadmap

1. Design

3 Weeks

We work with your leadership team to review your entire business and design a custom, integrated, and minimally disruptive Ops Roadmap.

What We Achieve
Clear Business Goals
5 Benchmarks™ Assessment
Custom Ops Schematic
Custom Ops Dashboard
Step by Step Roadmap
Virtual COO


8 Weeks+

We embed  a virtual COO with your team to implement your Ops Roadmap. We get hands-on to document processes, build systems and train your team. We work closely with your team to collect feedback and improve the process based on real project work.

What We Achieve
Configure Tools + Technology
Process Documentation
Team Ops & Docs Hub
Team Leadership
Process Blueprints
Recruit + Train FTE


4 Weeks

With all systems go, we take the lead on identifying and training a full-time ops leader (COO or equivalent) who will take over ops management at your firm.

What We Achieve
COO Candidate Search
Interview & Recommendations
Onboarding & Training
90-Day Support
Fit Guarantee

No-Risk Guarantee: Your call is absolutely free, confidential, and no-pressure; we will have a simple conversation to get a handle on your situation. If we agree that you are a good fit for the Ops Rescue program, we will guarantee that our Phase 1 insights alone will deliver at least 2X ROI, or we will refund 100% of the fees you have paid AND you can keep the custom roadmap and all the included materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Each stage builds on the previous stage. You can stop at whatever stage is right for your business. For instance, if you need help designing and implementing a custom ops plan but want to run it yourself, you can complete phase 1 and 2 only. You're never obligated to continue deeper into the program.

Yes. We guarantee that our Roadmap will result in 2X ROI in efficiency and/or capacity gains. And remember, the improvements that we will make together are permanent - your ROI compounds year after year.

So, if you're a fit, you do the simple work we ask, and we can't at least double your investment with us, we'll refund 100% of your fees--and you keep the roadmap. 

We also provide 90 days of support after we have concluded our work together to handle those questions that inevitably pop-up. 

The best way to be sure is to schedule a free Ops Review Call to get an expert opinion. Since we guarantee success, we will work together to make sure this is a good fit and give you a simple assessment of your best options (even if it's not working with us right now).

In general, all agencies can benefit (and often achieve quick wins) from Phase 1 of the program (Review + Roadmap). Phase 2 (Virtual COO) and Phase 3 (Recruit & Train FTE) are intended for agencies that are making the transition from the "cold to close" to "scale to sale" stage of their business. 

Maybe you can. This is how to know if you're ready to hire and delegate:

  • You have functional systems covering all 5 business disciplines
  • You're tracking the right metrics that indicate strategic progress not just task completion
  • You have excellent process documentation.

You'll know you're ready when anyone (including you, the owner) can be absent for at least a full week without advanced notice and your business doesn't miss a beat (or deadline). 

If that's not your situation, you need to design and implement the process before you hire someone to manage it. Here's why:

  1. The ops "design + build" skillset is rarely found in the same person as the "manage + optimize" skillset that you want in your COO.
  2. Even if you do find the person with both skillsets, you'll be paying premium salary to teach someone your current business workflows (whatever they may be) in order that they can tear it all down and rebuild it. That's expensive and inefficient.

We developed the Ops Rescue program after working with agency owners who had tried to solve for growth by simply hiring a full time employee (FTE) to "manage ops." About 6 months on, they found themselves still too much "in the weeds" and hitting the same growth ceilings as before (but now with substantially more overhead).

The 3 Phases of the Ops Rescue Program grew out of these experiences so you get the level of support you need quickly and efficiently.  

There is no universal best choice; all technology questions depend on your situation.

People ask a lot of questions about technology and tools. The truthful answer is a) the best technology is the one you actually use b) there is no universal "best option" for any given business process or goal.

There is always another option or a new tool. The agencies who succeed focus on creating a comprehensive ops system rather than fixating on a specific tool or technology. 

Remember: the computers work for you! In the Ops Rescue program, we will recommend the best technology options for your situation.

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Ian has an innate ability to solve problems and simplify complex processes. Where some (like me) might throw a bandaid on an issue, he is always looking for how to solve the underlying issue completely - very resourceful.

Founder, Joey Gilkey & Co.
Joey Gilkey

One of the things that Ian does better than anyone else I know is that he can take a concept and instantly think through a plan for maximum scalability.  He instantly starts to build a process and a model that can make the idea fill the largest space possible.  To him, anything can be broken down into a series of steps, procedures, or stages and by maximizing the efficiency of each of those elements he can help you achieve scale.

Founder, NextAfter
Tim Kachuriak
Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 10.36.15 AM

Ian has a relentless drive to build systems. I've been impressed with his desire and ability to document and process-ize everything that we're doing. He's pushed me to keep thinking about this as I'm working to onboard new clients. 

Director of Strategy, Tribe
Josh Earl